Saturday, February 23, 2013

Revision Hell

picture by photosteve101

Hey all!

I know it's technically Saturday because it's past midnight, but I'm doing it!

I have been busy the last few days trying to revise and work on my story. I've been going over some beta comments, which have been EXTREMELY helpful, and I've been going back through and changing it all from past to present! The story definitely flows better now that it is in present and I'm really excited to have it all done!

I've even come up with some new scenes to add in, something I told myself I didn't think I'd be able to do, and I'm very excited about them! Have to keep them under wraps for now though, because I'm not sure how they'll turn out, so who knows, I may not even keep them! Revising is a fun and scary time for my writing, but I'm trudging through it!

I'm really excited to just have a finished manuscript (and I say finished lightly as I know if it ever gets picked up it will be changed again). I mean I guess I have a finished one, but not a polished one! Okay, now I'm rambling.

In other words, I'm having one of my good friends recommission my cover, and yes I understand that if I get picked up they'll make their own cover, but it's just fun and exciting to have a cover! I know I have a past cover, and you can see it in THIS blog post, and I appreciate every minute that was put into making it, but I feel like it no longer fits my story, as I have changed it and somewhat matured it.

Another dilemma I've been facing lately is the name of my novel. I originally named it Divided We Fall, and I also feel it has outgrown this name. Now I'm faced with trying to think of something that will do it justice.

Anyone out there have suggestions on book title brainstorming?


  1. The cover looks lovely! I love the colour scheme of it, very aggressive and interesting.

    I'm having the same problem with coming up with a name for my manuscript! However the case with me is that I'm very fond of my working title but I know that it won't work any further.

    What I've been trying to do is to gather some key words and start playing with them, or try to find a single short line that would describe the whole novel. I still haven't come up with a new title, but what I have done is brainstorming with the words and phrases I have found, and come up with some potential candidates.

    I hope you find a title that suits you and your story! Aaaand happy revising! (As happy as it can be, of course.)

    1. I know the title will come to me eventually, it's just aggravating. In the past I've never had problems coming up with names but now all of a sudden I'm blanking! It'll come to me eventually, I know it!