Friday, March 29, 2013

Exciting News!

Hello all!

I have some exciting news to talk about this week! Earlier this week I found out that I was the runner up in a poetry contest that my campus held (Roxana Rivera Memorial Poetry contest)! I got to read my poem on stage in front of people, including the guest judge Nickole Brown who is a professor at Little Rock, Arkansas.

Brown read some of her work, and oh man it was awesome! It was really great talking to her afterward about the poem that she had picked for runner up. It was a totally new experience to me and it was really all around awesome! It was nice to know that my poetry is good enough that an author picked it, especially considering I'm a fiction person and not a poetry person.

Being chosen basically led to.. well... this!
Then turned into this...

But I made it through! I talked a little fast, and I felt a little awkward at first, but I got through it! And I enjoyed it! I won a notebook to write in and a 25 dollar Amazon gift card. Not too shabby if I do say so myself!

So guys, what have you won/been recognized for/etc!? Brag/share/toot your own horn!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Epiphany: Outlining

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Have any of you ever had an epiphany moment? When you're just sitting there, day dreaming when you should be doing something else, and you just think, "Yes! Yes, this is it!" Well, I had one of those.

I was sitting in class, talking about a super long poem that I actually enjoy, I was just ready for Friday, and I started thinking about my trilogy I've had in mind for a long time now. Along with that I was thinking about an old Veronica Roth post about how she hated outlining also. (Which you can read HERE)

So, after deciding that, even though I hate outlining and it may not be that bad to do, I started thinking about what would happen in the second and third books, if I do go on with them. In my head I now have planned what will happen with almost every character in my series! I understand that these things may change and what not but, for now, they are planned. It's an exciting thought to know exactly what will happen (roughly) later on!

Another thing Roth pointed out that I had never thought about was, if I outline my story I don't have to write it in order if I outline. Let's face it, sometimes there is a part of our stories that we just don't want to write but it necessary for the story to progress or make sense. Roth made me realize that with an outline I can write any part of the story I want because I know what is happening now, then, later, always. I love it! Now I'll be able to write every day because I won't be forced to write that scene. I won't moan and say, "Oh, I'll just get to it tomorrow!" I'll do it now.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Exhausted like a... kitten?

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So I've picked this picture for two reasons. One: I LOVE cats. Who doesn't? Look at it! Sleeping there! Two: This is how I feel right now. I would like to apologize for not posting yesterday, but as most of you know, I'm sure, sometimes life throws your curve balls. It's really not anything to do with writing or such so I'll just go ahead and jump back into the groove of this blog!

I'm very excited to say I've been asked to read at the open mic on campus for the literary magazine that is going to be publishing me in May. I plan on reading a poem, which is nerve wracking, because I don't consider myself a poet. But it's an adventure!... right?

Another thing is, I've never read my work in front of a group of people before, so this ought to be interesting. I will either stutter, vomit, or cry. Possibly all three, you never know! I'm also not sure if I want to read something I've already written or something new. They don't want me to read what I'm getting published because they want me to read that at the release party! So many readings, so little time!

Besides all that news, I'm about 10k into editing my WIP! I want it to be ready to be sent out to beta's within a month of two. We'll see if that actually happens! I'm very determined to get it done though because I want to start querying to some agents soon!

How is everyone else's writing/editing going?

Friday, March 8, 2013

Spring Break '13

Well hello there fine readers!

Today is a great day. As you have probably already inferred by the picture above, it is great because today marks the day that Spring Break starts for me. The glorious thing about Spring Break for me is not the beach, or drinking, or partying. For me, it means time to relax and work on my writing. Part of the reason for this is because I am working at the front desk of my building over break.

I feel like recently I've been neglecting my work. In fact, I know for sure I have. Sometimes it happens. Being a full time student can take up a lot of time! (As I'm sure being a full time parent and career person can also.) So, when you finally get that break, you just want to jump for joy, am I right!?

This is going to be a short post today because I am very excited to getting back to work and watching my WIP become the best it can!

What are you all planning on doing for your Spring Breaks? And if you aren't in school, how do you find time to work on your WIP's with such a hectic schedule?

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

RTW 171:Quarterly Check In!

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Hey guys! Looks like I'm doing another Road Trip Wednesday! This weeks topic is that we're one fourth done with the year, where are you with your writing goals.

It's crazy to think that this year is already one fourth done! Well, almost, it won't quite be done until the END of March, but still! haha

My writing goal(s) for this month was to have starting editing my novel, which I have done! I'm currently editing my WIP, although at a slower pace than I would like, I'm still doing it. My goal was to have my first round of edits done by summer, but we'll see if that happens! As of right now it looks like it may. I've already had one beta go out, am sending out another within the next few weeks, and have a third going out at the beginning of April. My writing goal has been up to par so far, let's see if I stick to it for the rest of the year!

My reading goal was a little different. I didn't want to set anything extremely high because seeing as I am in the English field in college, all I do is read book after book. This year I've only had time to read 2 books that were my own personal choice. I'm hoping that that changes this summer, after school is over, and I can start reading (and editing/writing) more! If you aren't in college yet, be prepared to be doing work pretty much all the time!

How are your goals for reading/writing going?

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Writing Fun

Broadway Tour
Hey all!

Thursday I saw Book of Mormon at the Fox Theater in St. Louis and let me tell you, it was hilarious. I would highly recommend it to anyone that likes musicals, comedy, or South Park. But while watching it, I learned something, not all writing has to be serious!

I have never in my life thought about writing something satirical until I walked out of that theater. Now I have ideas running through my head. Of course my MS will be my first thing to work on, but thinking about a new thing couldn't hurt!

It's interesting to think about writing something I've never done before. Ever sense I finished the first draft of my WIP I thought it would be fun to try and write a genre that I didn't normally dabble in. Horror, sci-fi, mystery! I guess comedy is another one I'd like to try out.

Another thing I'd like to try out is writing a stage play, and possibly one day a musical. I think I'd have to get the feel for stage directions and what not before I jumped right in, but, who knows, maybe one day! I guess what the main point of this post is to just say, don't be scared to write outside the box. Try something you've never tried before, or at least brainstorm a new genre!

Have you guys ever tried writing a genre outside your norm?