Saturday, March 2, 2013

Writing Fun

Broadway Tour
Hey all!

Thursday I saw Book of Mormon at the Fox Theater in St. Louis and let me tell you, it was hilarious. I would highly recommend it to anyone that likes musicals, comedy, or South Park. But while watching it, I learned something, not all writing has to be serious!

I have never in my life thought about writing something satirical until I walked out of that theater. Now I have ideas running through my head. Of course my MS will be my first thing to work on, but thinking about a new thing couldn't hurt!

It's interesting to think about writing something I've never done before. Ever sense I finished the first draft of my WIP I thought it would be fun to try and write a genre that I didn't normally dabble in. Horror, sci-fi, mystery! I guess comedy is another one I'd like to try out.

Another thing I'd like to try out is writing a stage play, and possibly one day a musical. I think I'd have to get the feel for stage directions and what not before I jumped right in, but, who knows, maybe one day! I guess what the main point of this post is to just say, don't be scared to write outside the box. Try something you've never tried before, or at least brainstorm a new genre!

Have you guys ever tried writing a genre outside your norm?

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