Saturday, March 23, 2013

Epiphany: Outlining

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Have any of you ever had an epiphany moment? When you're just sitting there, day dreaming when you should be doing something else, and you just think, "Yes! Yes, this is it!" Well, I had one of those.

I was sitting in class, talking about a super long poem that I actually enjoy, I was just ready for Friday, and I started thinking about my trilogy I've had in mind for a long time now. Along with that I was thinking about an old Veronica Roth post about how she hated outlining also. (Which you can read HERE)

So, after deciding that, even though I hate outlining and it may not be that bad to do, I started thinking about what would happen in the second and third books, if I do go on with them. In my head I now have planned what will happen with almost every character in my series! I understand that these things may change and what not but, for now, they are planned. It's an exciting thought to know exactly what will happen (roughly) later on!

Another thing Roth pointed out that I had never thought about was, if I outline my story I don't have to write it in order if I outline. Let's face it, sometimes there is a part of our stories that we just don't want to write but it necessary for the story to progress or make sense. Roth made me realize that with an outline I can write any part of the story I want because I know what is happening now, then, later, always. I love it! Now I'll be able to write every day because I won't be forced to write that scene. I won't moan and say, "Oh, I'll just get to it tomorrow!" I'll do it now.

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