Wednesday, March 6, 2013

RTW 171:Quarterly Check In!

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Hey guys! Looks like I'm doing another Road Trip Wednesday! This weeks topic is that we're one fourth done with the year, where are you with your writing goals.

It's crazy to think that this year is already one fourth done! Well, almost, it won't quite be done until the END of March, but still! haha

My writing goal(s) for this month was to have starting editing my novel, which I have done! I'm currently editing my WIP, although at a slower pace than I would like, I'm still doing it. My goal was to have my first round of edits done by summer, but we'll see if that happens! As of right now it looks like it may. I've already had one beta go out, am sending out another within the next few weeks, and have a third going out at the beginning of April. My writing goal has been up to par so far, let's see if I stick to it for the rest of the year!

My reading goal was a little different. I didn't want to set anything extremely high because seeing as I am in the English field in college, all I do is read book after book. This year I've only had time to read 2 books that were my own personal choice. I'm hoping that that changes this summer, after school is over, and I can start reading (and editing/writing) more! If you aren't in college yet, be prepared to be doing work pretty much all the time!

How are your goals for reading/writing going?

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