Wednesday, June 26, 2013

RTW 186: Best Book of June

Road Trip Wednesday: Best book of June. (Click here to see details)

Let me first say, it's crazy to think that June is already over! I feel like it was just yesterday that June 1st hit and I thought, this summer is going to be long! Now I have little over a month until I have to go back to training for work at school. Luckily it's my senior year.

Back to the best book. The book that really made me say, "wow" was The Mourning Hours by Paula Treick DeBoard.

I won this book on the Goodreads giveaway section. If you haven't noticed, quite a bit of my book collection comes from this website. (Tip: If you don't have much money, the giveaway section is a great place to win free books, just make sure you leave a review as a thanks.)

It's about Kirsten, a young girl who idealizes a teenage girl that ends up dating her brother. The teenage girl goes missing and Kirsten's brother is the last to see her. The town, and even the family, start to implode. When I started reading this book I was weary. While it sounded interesting, it wasn't a book I'd normally pick up.

After I started reading it, I got more and more into the groove of the story. It was interesting reading the book with the teenage girl as a character, knowing she was going to disappear; just waiting for it to happen. (By the way, I didn't spoil anything, it says on the back of the book that the girl disappears!)

Then, I hit a spot in the book where I just felt like I was done. I knew what was going to happen, and I wanted to stop reading. I felt like I had all the answers and the book was just dragging it out to make a page length. I almost put the book down, and almost skimmed parts. Boy am I glad I didn't.

The ending hit. And when I say hit, I mean HIT. This book has one of the most mind boggling endings I have ever read. Others said it was out of nowhere, but looking back there were clues to this ending. I can usually see endings coming when watching movies, tv shows, and reading books, and this often takes the fun out of it. However, upon completing this book my jaw literally dropped and I said "holy crap" really loud, causing my boyfriend to give me a weird look. This ending goes down as one of my favorite endings of any book of all time. (Next to Divergent and Insurgent, which both pleasantly surprised me!)

Definitely give it a read if you get a chance!


  1. I can put up with predictable endings if the story's well-written and keeps me interested. But a good, "didn't-see-that-coming" ending can really lift an otherwise just-okay book. Of course, the ending must be one that makes sense in hindsight, as you say is the case with this one. Thanks for the recommendation, Kevin. :)

  2. Thanks for the recommendation. I like unpredictable endings and will definately have to check this book out.

  3. Okay Kevin, if you're comparing the ending of the book to Divergent and Insurgent, I'm in. I love unpredictable endings. It's when I think I know what's going to happen that I flip to the last couple of pages to see if I'm right. If it does, my disinterest for the book comes quick. BAM! If it doesn't, then I want to read faster. I HAVE to know where the twist lies. Unpredictable endings are Awesome! Thanks for the recommendation.

    And don't feel bad about free books, I used to get mine from work. ARCs can be good and bad. Can't sell them or donate them, but can't bring myself to toss 'em. :)

    1. I never get rid of any books so these will be on my shelf forever I guess! haha