Sunday, November 10, 2013

Falling Behind During Nano

So I write this for reasons that are obvious in the title. I'm falling behind in my WIP. When I first started I took off. I was ahead, and I mean really ahead, of the game! I thought I was going to cruise through this nano (click here to figure out what you're missing) like no other!

It only took a day or two of being busy with other things (like one of my two jobs, my internship, or my classwork) to fall behind. At the end of today, which is technically Sunday, I need to be at 16,666. As of right now I'm at 12,688. So yeah, this is happening.

I know that doesn't sound like a lot, and some of you reading this might even say I could catch up tomorrow, but the thing is there are other things in life that take up our time. Tomorrow night I'm working, and I have other work to do on my floor (RA PROBLEMS!) andddd I have to work on my final projects for class, seeing as finals are coming up.

I'm not feeling overwhelmed yet, but we'll see how this month pans out. I haven't given up hope yet. Last year I was behind for a majority of the time and then over the course of a day or two I just lost my mind and finished that dang word count!

But as of right now, I'm feeling like Michael Scott.

How are you doing on your word count? Are you nervous? Happy? Brag or vent in a comment!


  1. The positive is you're writing. That's all that matters. There's still 3 weeks left, and we all have our up and down days. Don't look at the daily counts- some days you'll be up and some days you'll be down. Just make it to the finish line.

    My word count? I was on track last Friday, but I took the weekend off. So...not so much. But. I know I'll make it up so I'm not worried. If you want to be writing buddies on NaNo, my name is cmonson01. I really wish they'd let us change our names.

    1. I went ahead and added you as a buddy!

      I'm finally starting to catch back up, although today I might have to take off to get caught up on some homework! I'm trying to stay positive and tell myself that I'm writing, and it's working for the most part.

  2. I'm well ahead, but I didn't have a lot of time to write over the weekend because I was working. I can't believe you're doing NaNo on top of everything else! That's amazing!

    1. I actually managed to catch up today haha. I'm actually completely done for Tuesday word count also and I have a little bit done for Wednesday but I'm going to need it! These next couple of days are going to be busyyyy!

      How far ahead are you?

    2. I hit 36,000 last night. Well, early today.