Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Can I Get a Minute?

Short answer? No.
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It seems as if writers never have enough time in the day. I have made, what I would like to consider, a close friend through NaNo. Funny thing is, it was after NaNo had ended. We have been talking and one major thing that seems to be reoccurring between the two of us is our complaint of not enough time.

I have talked to other writers, through my classes and what not, and it seems as if this is a problem that stretches across every kind of writer, be it poetry, short story, novelist, etc. It seems as if we want to get writing done, we have to sacrifice something. Sometimes it's relationships, or a social life, sometimes even sleep.

So what is it that writers can do to get more done? I won't give advice, because I've tried it and I don't feel as if I am experienced enough to give out advice. However, what I will do, is put some things down that I do.

Let's say I have a free hour. Instead of watching TV I'll try, and I say try because sometimes TV wins, and write. As long as I get something out, I'm writing. And when I'm really worried about missing TV, I just watch it while on the elliptical at the gym. (I did it this morning, it was great. Dance Academy for the win!)

That's just one thing I try and do; write whenever I can. I'm sure all of you have something that helps you. Share in the comments and let people know what you do, maybe you'll really help someone out!

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