Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Set My Sight On You (What to do Post NaNo)

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I talked in my last post about NaNo and what not, today's will be similar, but slightly different. As I sat thinking about NaNo and what it has made me into, a writer that actually writes every single, I wondered what I had in store for myself after NaNo is over. I will no longer have a word count to put in. I will no longer HAVE to write every day to meet a goal.

And then two things hit me.

1.My story isn't even close to being completed. I will have a lot of writing left in front of me once NaNo is over just to finish the skeletal outline I have of my story.
2.I need to keep writing every day. Whether or not it's little ramblings, writing is what I love to do. Just because NaNo is over, doesn't mean that I can just stop now and wait for next year.

Let's start with number one. My story is something that I am deeply attached to. It is a story that had been swimming around in my head that I just couldn't seem to get out. So now that NaNo got me to write out the story, I can't imagine just leaving it behind. (This kind of overlaps with two actually.)

No offense what-so-ever to the NaNo-ers this pertains to. This is only how I feel about my story so if this offends you I'm sorry! I read a lot on the forums and have noticed that a lot of NaNo writers are rewritting their stories this year from last year. I personally can't imagine just abandoning the story I have started for next year. I want to nurse it and help it grow to become the story I think it can be. I don't want to forget about my story until next year, it's just not how I want to go about this.

So as I sit here with my cup of pumpkin tea (surprisingly it's black tea, not orange) and I ponder my life and what is to come, I am hopeful. My story will blossom with time, as long as I give it the time it deserves. Who knows, hopefully one day it will get a book deal. I mean, it is the name of my blog after all and if I never make it to Author, it's all been a shame! ;)

P.S. I know I said in my last blog post that I would be talking about my story and what not and putting in an excerpt, but the motivation to post this overcame me. I then thought about it and decided that to end NaNo I will post all that on the 30th.

P.S.S. This is not just a blog for NaNo, in case you haven't read my earlier blog posts. I will be writing still, it just happens that with NaNo happening this month, it is heavily revolving around it. So make sure you keep coming back for more!

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