Friday, November 23, 2012


awesome creativness goes to martha_chapa95

Every NaNo-er (or any variation you go by) must go through the same thing as every other participant (except those crazy over achievers that are done with their 50k within the first week). The dilemma I refer to is that of Thanksgiving (DUN DUN DUNNNNN!).

Now, whether or not you believe in Thanksgiving for any numerous reasons (something I will not get into on this post), a majority of people spend some time doing something on this day. Another problem is, if you're already behind (like me) this can be a major problem.

I spent about four hours at my grandparents house just thinking about how badly I wanted to write, and how badly I needed to write and how I guilty I felt for not bringing my laptop so I could be working on it. But, then I realized something, you have to give yourself some time off.

I know, you may be screaming at your computer screen just reading that, throwing your microwave hot pockets and your Cheeto's at the screen, but hear me out.

Everyone needs a little time off, even if it's just a few hours. A few hours where you just forget NaNo. A few hours where you just ignore it and have fun and bond with others. So my advice to all of those people out there reading this. If you're constantly torturing yourself over NaNo, thinking about it nonstop, only letting yourself feel guilty for not doing it, just forget it.

You hear me. Drop it! Put down that pen. Turn off that computer. Enjoy that hot pocket and Cheeto's that you may or may not have already wasted by throwing at me. Either way, just enjoy the little moments where you can have a free mind. A mind free of NaNo.

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