Friday, December 7, 2012

Life After NaNo

Picture of me and Princess Bubblegum
Above is what my life has been since NaNo has ended. I've been writing a little bit, but not nearly as much as I should be! We had a new rule sprung on us that basically told us we had to have all of our stuff ready for the next 'phase' at work. A bunch of blah stuff that you don't care about!

So let's go back to writing. I have been reading Veronica Roth's blog (HERE) lately, and she makes me feel... inadequate I guess is the best word. She's only a few years older than me and yet, she has an agent, publisher, movie deal, and is on her third book to be published. I know I'm young, and she is young for what she has, but still, it makes you feel like you aren't doing as much as you should.

I have tried getting things published in the past, through my school's literary magazine, and just literary magazines I've found through Poets and Writers (Here). The life of a writer is full of rejections, I know that, but damn, they really mean it! One day, I know I will get my first 'yes' and it will be amazing, but until then, what am I doing with my writers career?

Sorry if this depressed you, I don't mean to. This is more of a pondering of life post. I guess what I'm saying is, I need to kick myself into gear.

What do you guys, and gals, do when you need to pick up the memento?


  1. Take courage, writer! You wrote a BOOK in a MONTH. There are plenty of people who would feel inadequate hearing that, and I'm sure you'd tell them not to. Also, don't worry so much about getting published. That is only one aspect of a writer's career. If you are still writing, then you're doing your job.

    When I need a push, I watch a favorite movie, read a favorite book, listen to a favorite song, and just generally soak in the brilliant work of others until I get so jealous I have to make something, too. :)

    1. So here's what actually got me to write. I was playing Sims (a guilty pleasure of mine) and all of my Sims naturally were writing books on the sidelines. I felt guilty that even my Sims could write and finish books when I couldn't even get myself to write. Therefore I wrote a couple of pages haha. Not a whole lot but it got me started again!

  2. Excellent post!

    This is pretty much how I felt after finishing my NaNo novel. I didn't want to look at a computer screen for a month. It was Marissa Meyer's who helped me. She came to Savannah on her SCARLET book tour. I knew her books were her NaNo novels beforehand so I asked how she felt about them, and she said she walked away for them for a couple of months too. But then she made herself sit in front of the screen whether she wanted to or not. This made me feel so much better.

    I read Veronica Roth's blog too; her beginning posts from when she first started blogging are funny, crazy, and inspirational. I too felt bad about the age she landed her first book deal. She's much younger than I am. But I figure MY time will come, and even if it happens when I'm 100 and only have twenty more years to enjoy it, I will have left my mark and legacy for later generations of readers. Lol.

    1. Oh yeah, Princess Bubblegum is great! I'm partial to Jake the dog!

    2. I actually have pictures of her, Jake, and Finn! I'll tweet them to you tomorrow! =D